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Who doesn't like dragons??? Short-film post

Bronze spears, men who fight in bare feet, and dragons who dwell in dark places – who can resist that, right?

For nearly three years, I’ve been working on a 7 minute short film about a man who must overcome his fear to slay a dragon. We’ve all seen or heard tales of a dragon terrorizing a village and the people start sacrificing to it. But what if the knight in shining armor never comes to save the day? What if, after a while, the men of the village look around and realize the horror of what they’ve done, and what they should have done from the very beginning? This film jumps right in when a few men decide to be men. Yet, now that they stand at death’s door, they’re not so sure about their task.

After months of preproduction, we shot most of our footage in November of 2014 (everything with actors), and from there I embarked on the journey to create a silicone rod-puppet and a miniature of his lair. Last fall, we shot the remainder of the footage with the beastie-puppet, which officially brought me to the current and final phase – Postproduction!

Please spread the word – if you do VFX work and want to help out, please contact me. There are about 30 compositing shots, with a couple shot needing some work with a digital model.

As of yet, VFX work is the main need. We have a couple of very skilled guys who are scheduled to do the sound and music (totally pumped!). Thanks for reading through, please subscribe/follow, all that!

I hope you've enjoyed a few tiny sneak peaks. We're still a little ways off, so I can’t give too much away, but I cannot wait to show this film!






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